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Client Contract

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What To Expect From Your Home Inspection

The purpose of a home inspection is to provide you with information to help you make a more informed purchase decision. It is designed to help reduce the risks in buying a home and provide peace of mind. The inspection is a technical review of the home which involves a visual inspection of the major systems along with their components as defined by the Standards of Practice. Although an inspection can help you gain a better understanding of the home, it is important to remember that it is only a snapshot of the home’s condition at the time of the inspection. The condition of a home can and will inevitably change as time goes on. An inspector cannot accurately predict any such changes and/or how they will affect the condition of the home in the future. Before making your final purchase decision, we strongly recommend you to review the entire inspection report.

Inspection Conditions / Limitations


• Visual Inspection: The inspection is a visual inspection of the homes features which are readily accessible at the time of the inspection meaning they are available to inspect without having to move personal property, do any dismantling, or perform any invasive or destructive tests which involves putting people or property at risk...some examples include moving storage or furniture, cutting or removing drywall, lifting carpets, pulling out cabinets or fixtures, etc.. Due to the limitations of a visual inspection, the inspector cannot report on any concealed defects. - There may also be some intermittent problems that will not be discovered during the course of the inspection but may only reveal themselves while living in the house. For example, a shower stall may only leak when someone is taking a shower, but does not when you simply turn on the tap. Some basements or roofs may leak only when specific conditions are present. Due to the limitations of visual inspection, only what is visible at the time of the inspection will be noted.

• Not Technically Exhaustive: The inspection is not technically exhaustive. This means we will not be performing an investigation that involves any dismantling, calculations, testing, measurements, or the use of advanced techniques. An inspector is a generalist, not a specialist in all fields. The inspector may refer the client to specialists for further investigation of certain items.

• Standards of Practice: The inspection will be performed according to the ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) and the CAHPI (Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors) standards of practice which are located herein after the Inspection Agreement/Receipt.

• Major Problems: The focus of the inspection will be on identifying the existing major problems of the property that are evident during a visual inspection. As a courtesy, we may include some minor problems found while looking for the more significant problems. However, an all-inclusive list of minor deficiencies will not be provided.

• Not a Building Code or By-Law Compliant Inspection: The inspection will not be a Building Code or By-Law compliant inspection. It may be necessary for the clients to check with local authorities to confirm whether or not the Property meets the Building Code or By-Law requirements.

• Cost Estimates: Any cost estimates provided should be taken as a minimum only. For any work required, we recommend the client(s) should get a minimum of three estimates from qualified professionals in order to properly budget for the work.

• Environmental Issues: Environmental issues will NOT be addressed during the inspection including but not limited to: mould/mildew, indoor air quality, water quality/quantity, radon gas, toxins or contaminates, sealed/underground fuel storage tanks, asbestos, etc.. Also, the infestation of wood boring insects, rodents or other vermin will NOT be addressed on the inspection report. The client understands and acknowledges that it may be necessary to hire specialists in these areas to identify and analyse the risks involved.

• Not a Guarantee, Warranty, or Insurance Policy: A home inspection is an information service designed to help reduce, not eliminate, the risks in buying a home. As such, both the inspection and inspection report are not a guarantee, warranty or insurance policy on the current or future condition of the Property. We will not assume any risks pertaining to the home's future performance, or lack thereof. The legal liability is limited in amount to the fee paid for the inspection. We reserve the right to be given a reasonable period of time to investigate any items subject to a dispute prior to conditions being disturbed, altered, repaired or replaced.

If anything is at all unclear to you about “What to Expect From Your Home Inspection” or the “Inspection Conditions/Limitations”, we strongly encourage you to ask questions.

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